NEW! Donk Trucks

Our trucks have been specifically designed and crafted for the perfect landpaddling experience. These trucks have a stance that enables the rider a comfortable feel and are durable for long distance and longevity.

Axel Length: 305mm

Hanger Width: 236mm


Who We Are


In a quest to build a longboard designed to conquer the pitfalls of land paddling, DonkBoard created a wheel that enables riders to smoothly glide over typical obstacles that other longboards face. Cobblestone, pebbles, expansion joints, street cracks, etc are effortlessly rolled over with our wheels on... the DonkBoard™. Compare our DonkBoard™ to any other longboard and you will see the benefits immediately.

Our Wheels are Guaranteed for Life!


Second Place in World

24-Hour Ultra Skate Rip Tide 100 Miles

Donkboard placed second in the world at the recent competition for Landpaddle/Pushing.
Our longboards are proven to conquer long distance racing, traveling 100.7 miles in 24 grueling hours.

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